Design DNA

Your dream interior: from design to styling

It’s nice when you have someone to add structure to the creative process on the way to your dream interior. It gives you peace of mind. You want to see and feel your personality reflected in your home. That’s why you first need to know what your Design DNA is. That is what I am going to help you with.

We start with a Design DNA session at your home

What is important to you? What makes you happy and what do you prefer not to?

During this session we will discover your personal interior style: your Design DNA .

Does your partner have a different Design DNA and you’re not on the same page? You’ll get tips on how to bring your styles together in a new interior.

During this session I also look at the function of the space, the light and the sightlines. We leave nothing to chance.

2 hours, including VAT and travel costs

Afterwards you will receive your Design DNA in a digital mood board. I will give you an impression of what your dream interior could look like. It is the first step towards a successful renovation or restyling of your home.

Together we go through the process from design to realization. You decide what you will outsource to me. You will receive a tailor-made offer.

Newly built or renovation

Are you going to remodel or have you bought a new home?

Then get me involved in your project as early as possible. I will monitor the agreed quality, the level of finishing and the budget during the execution. You can relax, from now on I take care of everything. From the first sketch to styling the space with accessories.


When the furniture andupholstery are in and I start to style the room(s) with accessories, I’m all in my element. The curtains that dress up the room, the cushions on the sofa, the flowers in the vases. Ideally, I will light the candles for you. If you have a feeling of wow, then I have achieved my goal.

If you choose me, you choose:

  • Passion and dedication: I create your dream interior as if it were my own home.
  • A real project manager: I bring structure to the creative process so that you get an overview. That gives you peace of mind.
  • Be relieved: you only deal with the fun aspects of the renovation or restyling. I take care of the rest.
  • Unique brands: thanks to my connections, your interior will be just that little bit different.