About me

About me

I always wanted to be an interior designer. So I took the plunge and studied interior design. I felt the energy flowing immediately and knew: I’m not going to let this go.

As a senior project manager, I supervised major relocations and renovations of ministries. I am good at working on projects and bringing structure to processes. As an interior designer I have the ideal combination of personal contact, creativity and structure.

Design DNA session

During our first session we will look for your Design DNA, your personal interior style. The moment I come to your home and we start talking, the first ideas start coming to me. If that makes you happy, I can’t wait to get to work for you. I am very driven and will do my utmost for you for 200%.

My design DNA

What is my own Design DNA? I describe it as “earthy warm & chic. I like a natural and calm palette. By working with, for example, marble, concrete stucco, wood and chalk paint, I bring color and material nuances.

I look for the right contrasts to create balance and keep it exciting. Steel and concrete are the hard materials that provide spice and power. Chic velvet, tough leather and warm linen embrace you and give a secure feeling in my interior.

In short, it creates a mix & match of materials that together form a whole because I allow the same interior elements, colors and materials to recur.

Do you want an interior based on your Design DNA?

Message me in chat or call / email me.