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Interieurstylist Yvette

“You can put your time in work, children, hobbies and sports, because I will arrange your dream interior!”

- Yvette Steward

Scrolling through pinterest you see beautiful interiors. You would rather decorate your home like this yesterday than today.

But how do you create your own dream interior? And where do you get the time?

I’m going to help you! I bring structure to the creative process on the way to your dream interior.

Materials that inspire me


Stylish accents
Exciting layout
Luxury details
Rich materials
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In love  with their home again!
Yvette takes the time for you and she gives good (substantiated) advice. Thanks to her knowledge and creativity, our house is now exactly what we wanted. Hugely grateful! I was looking for someone to help me furnish my new home. In addition to a great interior, Yvette also took care of my construction worries. She manages the contractors, ensures a nice finish, and also advises on floors, walls and window decoration. In short, Yvette picked up the whole project. We are very satisfied.
- Berend & Marlies
My husband and I were not on the same page in terms of furnishing and therefore we did not get any further. Yvette Steward managed to bring our different styles together into a beautiful whole that we are both so happy with. We recommend Yvette Steward to anyone who wants a new interior and can't figure it out on their own / together!
- Anton en Diane
I thought I could furnish my newly purchased house myself. I spent evenings searching Pinterest and saw so many beautiful things. I just had no idea how I could realize all that beauty in my own home. I couldn't get any further. That's why I called in Yvette. Her approach immediately gave me peace of mind. She knew how to translate my Pinterest boards to my OWN style and wishes. The result is a house where I experience the feeling of "coming home".
- Emily
I dreaded the renovation and devising a new interior, but thanks to Yvette this was not necessary at all. She involved me in important choices, but other than that I didn't have to worry about it at all. What a relief! I am still so happy every day with my new decor!
- Simone
We immediately clicked with Yvette. Her advice was extremely valuable. She asked the right questions, which made us think. She has given us new insights to deal with the spaces. Without that advice we would have made choices that we would have regretted afterwards. That has been an absolute added value and we are very happy with the end result!
- Jesse & Merel